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Ram Exchange buys a wide assortment of new and obsolete electronic components for computer systems. We buy and sell everything that still has value in today's market. 

Ram Exchange strives to turn your DRAM assets into revenue. Based on your needs, we offer several options to meet the needs and requirements of your company.

Large Quantity Purchases:  We purchase excess memory from all over the world including many publicly traded companies as well as many Fortune 500s.  Ram Exchange has extensive purchasing power so no quantity is too large.

Flexible Purchase Programs:  Choose from several different programs or customize one of your own. We offer several options, from straight purchases to creative programs such as “Sort and Settle” and “Revenue Sharing”. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a program that will meet the various needs of your organization.

Market or Channel Sensitive Products:  Ram Exchange understands that sometimes you would prefer that certain products not be sold back into the market. In those situations, we will agree to depopulate the product and only market the remaining components.  We can pull RAM out of servers or pull ICs off boards.  We can do according to your specifications.  All work is done in our own certified warehouse or factory.