About Us


Our Dedicated Staff.

We are a manufacturer of high quality DRAM for most computers, laptops, and servers. We provide a full line of approved third party memory upgrades. Our products are guaranteed to meet all OEM standards and specifications.  We can remove the chips from their PCB and remanufacture them on another design.  The old boards are then recycled for their metal content.  Nothing is thrown away so our environment stays clean. Our goal is to provide top quality products at competitively low prices while keeping our environment safe.  If you need a custom memory module built, our team of experts will help you design to your exact specifications.

Since 2006, Ram Exchange has become a leader in providing, developing, and manufacturing high quality DRAM for computers, laptops, servers, and other electronic applications.  We can provide the latest technology in today’s market or provide you with the older technology that you simply cannot find.

Our long standing relationships with our large network of suppliers (including many publicly traded companies) means we can provide you with the most cost effective solutions.  We want build long lasting relationships with our customers and vendors.  We can buy from you, or sell to you.  We do business with Resellers (including Websites), System Builders & Refurbishers, Data Centers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Government Agencies (schools, etc.) and many others.  The repeat business is our goal, because this is what fuels our growth.